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cloudedmountain's Journal

the republic of heaven
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Hello and welcome to cloudedmountain!

who we are;

Your moderators are bazcat89 (Liz), miss_mishi (Michele), and inksplotched (Sara). We are three American girls who adore His Dark Materials a little too much, and lament our non-UK copies. Here, you are free to love the series along with us; more about that can be found below.

how this works;

Once a week, we will host a serious discussion about one of the themes or concepts bought up along the course of the series. We will take topic requests, and serious debate is accepted and encouraged. However, if things degenerate into personal attacks and wank, there will be consequences. In Internet terms, the discussions will be srs bsns.

Between these discussion posts, you are free to love the series along with us - participate in discussion, post fanworks, share theories of any sort (if you think Lord Asriel and John Parry were lovers, tell us!), bring us Pullman-related or HDM-related news... (nearly) anything goes! We'll also be having a monthly drabble contest, so stay tuned for that.

Membership and posting are open and unmoderated for the time being. :)

a few rules;

1. Be respectful of your fellow members, we're all people with valid opinions.

2. Please don't join cloudedmountain if you hate the His Dark Materials trilogy and want to inform us how stupid we are. We love the series, that’s why we made the community. If you hate the series, this is not the community for you.

3. This is not a religious community. If you like the His Dark materials series and would like to talk about what you think about Pullman’s religious views, that’s fine. However, do not use cloudedmountain as a platform for your personal views on Christianity or God unless it is directly related to the His Dark Materials series.

4. Use your discretion in using LJ cuts. If you don't know what an LJ cut is, look it up here. If you're not sure whether or not to use the cut, err on the side of using it, we don't want to spam people's friendlists. Also, don't ask us. Just use the cut. Please.

5. Fics, fanmixes, art, discussions, icons, and whatever else you'd like to post regarding His Dark Materials are very welcomed.

6. We don’t want wank, we want love. This is a community for the appreciation and discussion of the masterful works by Phillip Pullman. Therefore, as a preemptive rule, should a hdm_secret arise, we want nothing to do with it.

7. We hope you’ll be active; we want people to discuss the wonders of HDM with us and spread joy and lulz and knowledge.

8. Please don't be frightened, we don't bite and we look forward to pwning the universe with our epic HDM love. ♥