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11 July 2009 @ 01:46 am
The HDM fandom has been a little slow recently, and I'm hoping that it isn't going to stay stale... so I've decided to help the process by reviving jordancollege.net (fanart/fanfic archive)! Unfortunately, it still needs your help, O Awesome Fandom-people. ;)

If you are interested in helping out this link does a good job at consolidating all information, but for LJ-reading, here is a list of open staff positions.

Staff PositionsCollapse )

I think it's sad that the HDM community is becoming inactive. I want to help change that, and want you to help too. :)

Thanks for reading!
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01 January 2009 @ 11:59 pm

download link @ my journal
13 October 2008 @ 04:12 pm

it seems to have been deathly quiet here, which saddens me. as such, i have a question for discussion. it's not as srs bsns or in depth as our "weekly" (totally need to get on that, y/y?) topics but i think for the hdm fan, it still carries some relevance:


yeah, so. essentially, i want to bring up the controversy of the golden compass when it was released in the united states - i can't speak for other countries, as i lived in the united states when it was released, but perhaps others of you can add an international perspective. anyways, some of this fanbase (albeit not a large section) is christian or perhaps belongs to another monotheistic religion ('sup to the two jews who mod this community with me, represent), so i have some questions for both sides:

+ do you think the controversy surrounding the movie was called for? &explain
+ was the film adaptation watered down too much, or was this appropriate to make it accessible to a wider audience? &explain


+ will the poor reception the film received from opponents in the united states (and perhaps other countries) prevent us from seeing blue-richards, kidman, and craig in the subtle knife and the amber spyglass? &flail

because, damnit, i really want sequels!

aaaaand go.

(on another note, we need more members to get this place rockin'! there is not enough hdm love around here. anyone want to help get the word spread? we should have a contest of sorts.)
09 September 2008 @ 11:34 pm
In the His Dark Materials multi-verse, certain characters' stories and lives parallel those those of Biblical figures. How do you think Pullman's characters relate to those Biblical figures and how do you think they are different?

As the most obvious example, Lyra is supposed to be Eve, we've been told this throughout the series. How do you think Lyra is like Eve? How do you think she's different?

And please, feel free to submit other discussion topics in the comments for further consideration, and pimp this to your friends!
20 August 2008 @ 04:39 pm
title: you're crowding up this company
author: inksplotched
fandom: twilight, his dark materials, ender's game, narnia, harry potter, a great and terrible beauty, the office us.
characters/pairings: leah clearwater, roger parslow, valentine wiggin, edmund pevensie, sirius black, gemma doyle, karen filippelli.
rating: g
length: ~1700
notes: writing multifandom is really fun. please give this fic a chance even if you don't know all the fandoms, because chances are the theme is universal. this is for _thirty2flavors, who gave me the bug to write this in the first place.

summary: some things just don't do as well in threes.

located: here.
19 August 2008 @ 10:56 pm
Hello, citizens of Lyra's Oxford, and our world, and Cittagazze, and the land of the Mulefa, and every universe in between. Welcome to cloudedmountain! Here at the clouded mountain, we love His Dark Materials: its characters, its universes, and its wonderful possibilities.

If you'd like to affiliate, please post below and we'll get back to you! At the moment we're accepting affiliation requests from any and all His Dark Materials communities!

Some things to note: We'll be having weekly discussions about something in His Dark Materials. If you join later and you want to go back and talk about something we've discussed, we'd love that. Discussions don't end and there's just so much to say!

In addition, we'll be having a monthly drabble fest. The first one will go up in the first week of September, so look forward to it!

And now, some rules to follow:

rulesCollapse )