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11 July 2009 @ 01:46 am
jordancollege.net :: staff positions  
The HDM fandom has been a little slow recently, and I'm hoping that it isn't going to stay stale... so I've decided to help the process by reviving jordancollege.net (fanart/fanfic archive)! Unfortunately, it still needs your help, O Awesome Fandom-people. ;)

If you are interested in helping out this link does a good job at consolidating all information, but for LJ-reading, here is a list of open staff positions.

RECRUITER/PROMOTER: This person will be required to recruit new authors, artists, readers and reviewers to the archive in a polite and constructive manner (i.e. no spamming).

(GRAPHIC) ARTIST: We desperately need a graphic artist to help create banners and buttons for challenges and contests! This person will be on a "commission" basis, so archive-contact will only happen -- unless something else pops up -- when we require a graphic. :)

ESSAY WRITERS: This is to contribute to a future HDM-related essays feature of the website. Furthermore, generic essays on writing will also be needed for the archive: articles on the basics of grammar; how to explore characterisation; how different perspectives increases a story's intrigue, et cetera. We are interested in this portion of the fandom! (And promoting HDM and writing tips? Yes!)

LINK COLLECTOR: On the other hand to essay-writing, we also wouldn't mind linking to third-party websites concerning the basics of writing, and even HDM-related essays. A link collector will simply sprawl the Internet for links relevant to our area of study, and submit them to the administrator. It would be preferred if permission was allowed to quote an excerpt and provide an external link.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR(s): I imagine the newsletter will be quite small, but the newsletter will essentially be a mini-link portal to recent HDM news, fanfiction, fanart, essays, weekly challenges, and anything "new" with Jordan College.

CONTESTS AND CHALLENGES: To increase activity and community spirit, we will also, ideally, be hosting a few contests and challenges related to HDM! We will require adept members to organise and set these up -- with help from the administrator if needed. These can range from mini-fic exchanges, to drabble contests, to mini-award sessions, to simply issuing out prompts -- the sky is the limit.

I think it's sad that the HDM community is becoming inactive. I want to help change that, and want you to help too. :)

Thanks for reading!
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